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T: +44 (0)1327 878 777
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Below are a sample of the testimonials that Redivac has received after the installation of a vacuum sewerage system.

There testimonials are from across the world. Wherever local conditions make conventional sewer systems difficult or expensive Redivac vacuum sewer systems have been installed and maintained to the great satisfaction of our clients.

Locations represented here include: Alaska, Hungary, Lincolnshire in the UK, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates:

Abony, Hungary

“The Abony town vacuum sewerage system comprises 30 kilometres of vacuum mains, servicing 2,200 houses – approximately 7,000 people, employing 499 Iseki interface valves and two vacuum stations. They are happy to share their experience with anyone interested in the application of vacuum sewerage systems.” Read the vacuum stations testimonial.

Deering, Alaska

“The Deering Water and Sewage Project located in Deering elected to install the Iseki vacuum sewerage system in household and commercial sewer installations associated with this project.

Conditions in Deering are quite challenging, including limited flow volumes and arctic temperatures. We found that Iseki interface valves performed as advertised and that Iseki vacuum systems personnel were highly qualified and eager to help when problems associated with the vacuum sewer system design were encountered. We would have no hesitation in recommending thier product to others considering the installation of a vacuum sewer system.” Read the Iseki interface valves testimonial.

Anglian Water Services

Redivac installed a vacuum sewerage system in the village of Orby, Lincolnshire in the 1980s – choosing a vacuum sewerage system over a conventional gravity system because of the flat topology of the village.

The whole system was updated in 2002, replacing the entire vacuum interface valves and replacing discharge pumps with modern monoblock centrifugal screw type pumps.