Valve Chambers

1. What is the life of a vacuum interface valve?

The Redivac vacuum interface valve can be expected to last in excess of 30 years. Approximately every seven years we recommend that bearings and rubber diaphragms are replaced.

2. What material is the interface valve made from , where is it manufactured and are spare parts readily available?

The Redivac valve is made of glass filled polypropylene with all metal components being of 316(A4) stainless steel. The Redivac Interface Valve is manufactured by Redivac Vacuum Systems at the Daventry factory in the UK. Spare parts are also available direct from Daventry or from one of Iseki’s many official distributors or service centres situated throughout the world. All spare parts are ex-stock.

3. Are any specials tools required to service the valve?

No, a standard tool kit used by a maintenance fitter will contain all that is necessary to carry out a service of the Redivac Interface valve.

4. How many properties may be connected to a single interface valve?

The answer to this question depends on the design of the system. At the design stage many factors are taken into consideration such as the size of the main onto which the valve is connected, the position of the valve within the overall network, the number and configuration of adjacent valves and the sewage flow and storage requirements of each system. In this way Redivac offers the optimum technical solution with the most competitive price.

5. How many Interface Valves may be connected to a single vacuum sewer main?

Again this is not a question that can be easily answered as it depends on the design of the system. The factors affecting this will be the number of properties connected to each of the valve chambers, the size of the vacuum main, (which is usually but not always the deciding factor), the length of the main, the longitudinal profile of the main and the distances from the collection station of the greatest density of properties on the main.

All of these factors are taken into account by Redivac when designing the vacuum sewerage system.