FAQ’s Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

This section raises some of the most frequently asked questions that are asked of Redivac’s engineers. They have been divided into broad categories to assist the reader in identifying questions of a particular nature.

One such question is in what situations may a vacuum system be used?

Vacuum systems have been used in a great variety of locations and operational requirements. In the UK many systems are used to provide first time sewerage schemes for communities that due perhaps to poor ground conditions or difficult topography and are uneconomical to sewer by conventional means.

Additionally, the flexibility of the system has lead to its use in many different specific areas such as Wimbledon Tennis Club. In Malaysia, communities of 20,000 inhabitants are severed Iseki RediVac’s vacuum sewer technology. There is therefore almost no limit, except economic, to its consideration and application.

It is worth noting that internationally recognised consultants such as Halcrow, Parsons, Watsons, Acers, Dames and Moore, Babtie, WSAtkins, Khatib & Alami, Haswell and may others have worked with the Redivac vacuum technology and many are actively studying further applications of the technology.