by Iseki Iseki


Client: La Commune Foucheres
Country: France
Length of Pipe: 5500 m
No. of Valves: 76
Volume of Flow: 5 litres / second
Specialist Feature: River and rail crossings

The village of Foucheres is situated approximately 150km South East of Paris near the town of Troyes. The village was served by septic tanks which overflowed at times when the water table was high. Collection of sewage using a conventional gravity system was difficult due to the ground conditions. The River Seine and the local railway line also had to be negotiated several times, which further added to the difficulty of installing a sewerage system. Using vacuum technology these problems were overcome by shallow digging and fixing small diameter pipes to the bridge.

As illustrated on the below photograph the vacuum pipe was fixed to the bridge decking. To achieve the required pipe invert levels over the bridge a lift of 1 metre was installed over a distance of 20m leading up to the bridge. The vacuum sewer pipe then falls towards the vacuum station which can be seen behind the trees on the left.


Vacuum Pipework
Vacuum sewers in polyethylene sized from Ø90mm to 160mm.

Vacuum Station Equipment
Two rotary vane air cooled vacuum pumps with a capacity of 160m³/hr.

Two dry well discharge pumps rated at 5l/s, duty and standby.

Vacuum vessel has a 4m³ volume and is epoxy coated inside and out and tested to Lloyds Certification.

The motor control cabinet is fully automatic with a programmable PLC. All pumps start in rotation.

The valve monitoring system which monitors the open/closed mode of each interface valve located around the village, can be individually observed from the vacuum station.

Exhaust gases are filtered by passing them through a Biological Filtration Unit situated adjacent to the vacuum station.

The Vacuum Way was able to offer substantial savings in cost together with a rapid and manageable installation due to the shallow, narrow trenches inherent with this technology.

Applications for Iseki Redivac’s technology
Rural community sewerage systems
Industrial developments
Supply bases
Housing development/compounds
Hazardous waste collection
Airports & military installations
Beach developments
Remote villages

Vacuum Sewer being installed alongside other services

Vacuum Sewer being installed alongside other services

Valve Chamber Installed

Valve Chamber Installed

Vacuum Vessel and associated equipment

Vacuum Vessel and associated equipment